Becoming one with the SIM world.

The past few months have been a wild creative roller coaster filled with love, hate, passion, remorse, but above all, ultimate expression. Sims have slowly but steadily taken over my thought process and I feel like I’m in a totally different place than a few months back when I did my first art show. So yeah, let me update you guys on what’s going on.

Upcoming “SIM WARS” and “MARVEL’S USERS” pieces.

This is the way.

I’ve always been into fitness. I felt like it was my path for growth. However, in the summer of 2020, after a series of dark events, I decided to go into that zone where 99% of the people don’t go and consider it “masochism”.

Training 7 days a week. Fasted cardio and sprints in the AM. Weights in the afternoon. All with this idea of building resilience. Which definitely helped because I gained this ability to resist “pain” and become comfortable with the uncomfortable allowing me to work for hours on end. When I began painting I kept on doing it. But as I gradually reconnected with the canvas and began to paint multiple pieces at once and going absolutely nuts in the studio with music, dancing all over the place, I gradually adapted my training to a more sustainable format. Still training 7 days a week. But, just once a day. I’ve also had to really work on my shoulders and flexibility due to the inevitable fact that painting is a workout and it taxes the shoulders and lower back.

Gaining muscle has also been a big thing for me. You see, when painting I’m constantly dancing therefore in a constant low-rate high volume cardio which drenches all my fat and eventually, pulls that energy from the muscle, making me settle in the 70–72 kg zone for a good 8 months. I, therefore, took the decision to start painting while sitting down (most of the time). Now weighing 77kg, I lift more than ever and I can run faster and longer distances than ever. Visiting the steam bath 3–4 days a week really helps to calm the mind after a nuclear creative explosion. This neatly leads me on to my next point.

Becoming one with art.

Picasso once said that when he enters the studio he leaves his body at the door, similar to how Muslims leave their shoes at the entrance of the mosque, and only allows his soul to enter the studio. I took that to heart.

Music is and will always be a key element in my process. I shuffle between genres depending on the topic I’m discussing on canvas.

Love = Reggaeton

Existential Crisis = Melodic House

Childhood = 20th Century Caviar (Name of my classics playlist ft. Ray Charles, Ringo, Stevie etc….)

Going deep, I wanna talk about how art is slowly taking over my way of thinking. Or vice versa really…. I truly connect with the idea of the simulation. But what I find remarkable is how my thought process is shown in the pieces I roll out. Especially in the Sims. Allow me to explain. When I’m painting a Sim, I’m discussing my view on a particular person, or collection of people and their roles in life. I put the appropriate music on and I genuinely have no plan on what to do. I zone out. After doing the piece, I look at it and spot things from my past as a filmmaker, my interactions with love, school, family, friends….EVERYTHING. It usually also serves as a clue on what piece I’m doing next. For example, in my latest “THE SIM” piece, titled “Existential Crisis”, I mention a quote from Avengers: Endgame. In particular in the scene where Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy (lit moment) and explains to them that they simply cannot wield Stormbreaker (Thor’s Axe) because their “bodies would crumble as their minds collapsed into madness”. Put into the context of an existential crisis, it seems quite fitting. But then I went on to painting superhero props like Captain America’s shield. See the link? Bear in mind, this is all in my subconscious. I have absolutely no idea until it happens. I’m basically a guest in my own body.

The Sim: Existential Crisis

The “oh shit” moment.

This has happened before in other art forms, but not to the extent that it’s happening right now with Sims. Here’s the situation. I’m taking a huge leap forward in my art, translating it from canvas to objects. It seems pretty easy. But it so isn’t. Or that’s how it seemed at first. I like a good challenge every now and then because it tests my patience. My latest challenge, painting a wall with the theme of candy. HOW THE FUCK DO I IMPLEMENT CANDY WITH SIMS? DO I TALK SHIT ABOUT CANDY? DIABETES? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. No bro. Go into the steam bath and shut the fuck up braaa.

I slept on it for 3 days. Chiiiiiilling. Talking to girls. Working out. Meeting people. Hanging out with the family. Taking it easy. Then gradually ordering my thoughts. Looking at my past. My childhood in London. How my sister and I spent so much time together. How we shared experiences like going to Harrods every day to play with dogs or going to the toy section. How we absolutely burnt the DVD of the majestic Willy Wonka film featuring Johnny Depp. Hold on. That chocolate river scene was awesome. Remember when we went to Disneyland for like the fifth time and I constantly talked about how each ride was like traveling to a different dimension? How damn good the park’s maps were designed. I did do this drawing of “The road to exiting the simulation”. OH SHIT!

Disneyland Map


People have been asking and yes, I’ll soon paint women. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but always felt like I needed to further explore. And I say this in the least asshole, fuckboy way possible. I love women. I’m a momma’s boy. But I needed to get up and close and fully understand the situation. Having fun without hurting someone. Experiencing indescribable connections with few, disregarding fear, and ultimately, understanding sex. I do feel like there is more to it, I guess time will tell. Might have to travel to Paris.

What to expect in the next few months.

Fitness-wise, when winter comes I increase volume and reduce intensity. Implementing long hikes, runs, swims, and sessions in the gym. Or as I call it “getting wintered”. Really looking forward to that. As winter arrives I also seem to spend much more time on the road. I guess it’s because it reminds me of when my dad took me to my football games as a kid, windows down, seats heated, blasting good music. Vibe.

Art-wise. I will never ever settle. I’m constantly researching and extracting inspiration from all sources. The most important being life. Don’t be surprised if I disappear for a month. The north seas and mountain ranges are calling me.

In the meantimes and all times,

Stay Frosty




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