Early Stages

In school, I was taught that art was all about technique. How good can you paint the shadows on this forearm? How real do the veins feel? The eyes. Do they feel alive?. Are they looking at the viewer, or at an object. Does that object have lighting of some sort? How does the surrounding environment affect its coloring? Pain in the ass. And quite useless. Because art, in my eyes, is all about representing real life events on a canvas…or whatever my brush finds itself against. That’s why, when I tell the story behind my art, people always tell me that I’m “great at explaining this”. And I’m like “yeah, you’d also be good at…




Artist. Spiritual Apprentice. Car enthusiast. Occasional investments.

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Alvaro Linares

Alvaro Linares

Artist. Spiritual Apprentice. Car enthusiast. Occasional investments.

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