Ethereum and other high market cap coins aren’t the answer. Here’s why.

It’s May 6, 2021, and I find myself amidst a bull run in the cryptomarket with absolutely no fucking clue where anything is going to go. Reddit says up. CNBC refuses to invest the slightest amount of energy on the matter. I’m sure you share this paranoia too. Hope this article provides some clarity. Here it goes.

I started trading in the crypto space in mid-January 2021 and I’m happy to say I’ve amassed a useful wealth to reinvest in the long term. But in what? That’s the question. Bitcoin’s dominance is falling while Big Daddy Ethereum is fighting back against Bitcoin. Dogecoin is closer to the moon than ever and XRP’s HODLers are shoving fuck you’s in the SECs faces. HA! But not really….

I come from a family of very smart investors who, when I perceive a downfall of IQ in my brain, I go talk to in search of clarity. That’s when the discussion on whether the current bull run is a bubble or not appears. Over the course of multiple moonshots and emotional ups and downs, the answer seems to be yes. Here’s why. Usually, when there’s a bunch of people who invest, or rather bet, their entire life savings on something they don’t understand, leads to inflation in the price. And it’s true. I’m seeing all kinds of irrational decisions going on. Therefore, I expect a price correction sooner than later. But my strategy isn’t really affected by whether we really do reach the moon, or we dig ourselves 5” underground.

My idea is to invest in young projects with solid tech, good teams, low market caps, and proper marketing strategies. It sounds really fucking risky. And don’t get me wrong, it is. It’s a matter of spraying and praying. I don’t know what the next Ethereum or Bitcoin will be. I don’t even know what the next Polkadot will be. All I know is that this technology needs a stream to expand. And the projects I’m about to state are those streams.

Harmony ($ONE)

This is a complicated one. Harmony is an insanely fast blockchain that in January was supposed to be one thing, but right now it’s expanding to many things. Having their own wallet was logical, but harmony has also expanded on to the NFT sector, Explorer and Developer tools as well as serving its initial cross-chain platform purpose. The point is, Harmony is extremely fast and cheap to use and targets that mystery of what coin will be used for what type of transactions. Ethereum with higher security but higher fees might be used for assets with great value like real estate for example. While Harmony, with lower security and lower fees, might be used to purchase low-value goods like groceries. The vision evolves with time, but that’s the idea I have with scaling.

Fantom ($FTM)

Fantom, just like Harmony, is extremely fast and cheap and might be used for low to middle-value goods. The thing with Fantom is that it is growing at the speed of sound. The team is based in Dubai and clearly has a wide range of powerful contacts because they are spreading all over the middle east. With governments like Pakistan and Afghanistan already implementing it into their financial systems as well as Ukraine being in the talks. What’s awesome is that they keep updating their network to further improve it and keep up with demand. This coin has tremendous potential, not just for governments, but also for companies in the middle east. I also see a large niche of the top 1% of the world constantly talking about this coin.


This is gonna be my Unicorn. Mainly because ECOMI has the equivalent of Jesus Christ in licensing on their team. A guy named Alfred Kahn. Creator of the 4K!DSTV and the guy responsible for bringing a brand named “Pocket Monsters” from Japan to the US, which was later rebranded and named “Pokemon”. Mr. Kahn has also gotten his hands on DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, The Simpsons…basically, the “God of Licensing”.

What’s more, is that I see a new generation of kids whose perspective on collectibles is rapidly changing. Kids now want to watch the Fortnite World Cup rather than The Champions League. Back when I was a kid, me and my friends collected sports trading cards and I was told that I’d be granted a smartphone when I hit the age of 13. Kids now get smartphones the same day they come out of their mother’s womb and buy Fortnite skins. The next step is NFT collectibles. And OMI has the necessary requirements to make children their number 1 customer.

This is done through low fees, high speeds, high quality licensing as well as making it user-friendly through their “GEMS”. You use OMI tokens to buy and use them in the platform, but those may change in price and may be hard for a 6-year-old to compute such changes in price. GEMS are the stablecoin equivalent of OMI. 1 GEMS will always equal 1$. Therefore, users always know how much they are paying for their collectibles.

These are my long-term investments. Again, this is a spray and pray. And if the bubble bursts, I will most likely copy Charlie Munger and go full pedal to the metal on the Big Daddy Coins with the most potential.

In the meantimes and all times,

Stay Frosty




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