Getting Wintered (1st Check-in)

I’m writing this the day before starting what I feel is the biggest creative challenge up to date: a 5-week marathon. Starting off with a 12-meter long and 3-meter high corridor marking a huge stamp in my career as the first “SIMSWORLD” immersive experience. Right in between this dense art piece, is the SUNSET ART SHOW which this time around, will be public, free to enter, and will take place across an entire weekend with the main event taking place on a Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, I will be going to the FUNDACIÓN MARIA CRISTINA MASAVEU PETERSON to go see the KING KONG SIM piece exhibited right next to BANKSY, KEITH HARING, and many more G.O.A.T. artists. Finally, there will be another SUNSET ART SHOW in early December but in this case, will be private. So yeah, there’s a bunch of things going on and no, I don’t feel overwhelmed. I look forward and see all this as a challenge. A challenge to be absolutely conquered in the most stoic of ways. I’m hungry.

Now that that’s out of the way, I shall dive deep into my chaotic mind once again. Here goes nothing!


Early on in another article (or whatever you wanna call these texts), I stated that I wanted to focus on the transition point from SIM to US3R. Hence, the concept of “EXISTENTIAL CRISIS”. The idea is to express the feeling of opening your mind, finally discovering the initial truth, and falling down into the infinite rabbit hole. A moment of revelation. That’s all I’m saying. The rest is for you to interpret. Here is the latest iteration. It was meant to be one of the surprise pieces for the sunset art show but that’s what you get for being a fan. I’m an asshole.

Screenshot from the catalog for the SUNSET ART SHOW.


My art targets this idea that we, humans, live in a simulation. Those who live mediocre, boring, comfortable lives are what I call SIMS. SIMS live unconscious lives controlled by the players of the simulation. US3RS however, are the opposite. US3RS take control of the game, break out of the simulation, and are able to live a unique lifestyle. THE THINK DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE. The idea has slowly been growing in my mind and I’ve just recently got a good enough grip to start thinking about the possibility of a magazine expressing this lifestyle. The concepts would be quality music, dolce vita, cars, iconic men and women, and overall, 2000s babies culture. Don’t be surprised if a copy of the THINK DIFFERENT MAGAZINE pulls up at your door. I’m not sure if it’ll be digital or physical. If it’s physical, you can bet your ass I won’t be killing trees. Not my style. I’ll leave that to the SIMS.



Two months ago I started the “US3RS COMMUNITY” on WHATSAPP. I basically put a bunch of people who have asked questions or engaged with my art at some point in my career into a broadcast list. The people in the community get early access to everything. Early news on shows, events, and even exclusive access to my very low-supply high-quality garments (I put 5/28 US3RS_DAD_HATs available exclusively to community members and they all sold in 20 minutes). I, however, feel like there is more to this.

Have you ever had that asshole club guy who keeps on sending you messages about “exclusive deals” on some wack ass club, serving poison at just 4 euros a drink? It’s annoying, right? I feel like me, using Whatsapp, can have a similar effect. That’s why sooner than later I’ll be SWITCHING TO REDDIT. Where US3RS have access to a user-friendly feed and where members can even communicate with each other. Voting rights are also an option. It’s just an overall vibe and I’m 100% down.


Flashback 2 months ago I broke through the barrier of transferring my art onto other surfaces and objects. This opened a massive door unleashing a bunch of new things including the advantages from my time as a stupid 17-year-old spending all his savings on designer clothes. Yeah, I was THAT GUY who set his alarm at 10:50 AM to open the SUPREME website and cop some goodies. Fast hands baby. Proper meathead. Anyways bro…I’ve bought a bunch of clothes, felt a bunch of textiles, and kind of derived my conclusion of what good fashion is. Let me just say, my taste isn’t cheap. If I’m doing this, I’m doing it good…real good.



There’s this saying in racing, better said in Spanish: “El descontrol controlado”. Meaning the controlled chaos, clearly expressing the perfect harmony between the rabid nature of a race car and its surgeon-like precision. My thought process in art is somewhat similar. I have ideas. Many ideas. Like so many fucking ideas. Everything blends. Life, family, friends, sex, culture….When I sit in front of a canvas it’s more of the same. I genuinely have no clue how or what I’m going to do. But then I put on some good house music, start dancing, feel good, muscles tight, flexible, hydrated…I suddenly forget who or where I am. All I see is the canvas right in front of me. Time seems to speed up 4x. I check the clock, 5 hours have passed and I suddenly see this color explosion on what used to be a blank piece of cotton. I’m a guest at my own studio.


Back in April, I was kicking it back at Casa de Campo reading DaVinci’s biography under the sun and got quite invested in this US3R’S Vitruvian Man. Not because of its mathematical properties or where it stood within the Renaissance, but because of how it expressed this idea of where humans stand in the spiritual spectrum. That idea is better named “Neoplatonism”. The concept originated in the 4th century by US3RS Aristotle and Plato and was later picked up during the Renaissance (as everything else). Originally, the concept explained the hierarchy of the universe, putting God at the very top, passing on to angels, stars, animals all the way down to devils. Humans in this version where put right in the middle due to their mortal bodies but their immortal souls. Fucking brilliant…stay with me. The idea took a bit of a twist during the Renaissance reallocating humans to a position outside the spectrum due to this idea that “Humans have a unique ability to take any position they want” (Giovanni Pico della Mirandola). This, applied to the idea of SIMS breaking out of the simulation to turn into US3RS, fits smoothly. This is because US3RS have the ability to use either the good or the bad to acquire power. And so, DARK US3RS are born. You’ll be seeing this more clearly at the SIMSWORLD immersive experience at the SWEET SPACE MUSEUM in Madrid.

Me, Joseph Maria and the Vibes Capitalist at Minitas Beach

And so I reach the end of yet another article. I haven’t talked about fitness, cars, women, or nature because I’m thoroughly enjoying the initial stages of the winter (as you might’ve seen on my Instagram: alvarolinaresc) and don’t have anything new to say on the matter. I don’t have anything to say about the future either. I’m locked in for the next two months. It’s crunch time. WOOOOHOOOOO!!

In the meantimes and all times,

Stay Frosty




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